5g Radiation protection

Omnia are UK providers of the best 5G Radiation protection on the market.

The Omnia Radiation Balancer helps to keep your body in balance with the harmful EMF microwaves produced by 5G antennas and devices such as mobile phones. By changing the state of the radiation field it has the effect of keeping your body in harmony with the electrical current.

There are worldwide concerns that there could be links between long-term exposure to 5g radiation and certain types of cancer, studies are ongoing but why take the risk?

5G mobile technology promises a ten-fold increase in data transmission rates compared to current 4G networks, which will be achieved by using a higher transmission frequency. The physiological effects of electromagnetic radiation change with frequency and these frequencies at this level of exposure are an unknown quantity right now.

If you are looking for ways on how to protect yourself from 5g radiation, 5g Radiation clothing, 5g radiation bracelets, etc, then you could help cut the source of the transmission in your pocket or purse by applying an Omnia radiation balancer orb.


How does 5G affect us?


Having superfast internet speeds 10 times faster than 4g might sound great!

The problem is that mobile phone transmitters emit electromagnetic fields of radiation. It is like having hundreds of microwaves, with unseen radiation, that can cause harmful effects. The radiation from our mobile phones and other connected devices such as tablets and mobile hotspots damages cell membranes and releases cancer-causing issues.

shortwave radiation of 5G is far closer to you and will be much more powerful and with it, will bring about more potent health issues, both because of the smaller, more powerful radiation, as we will all be in far closer proximity to the thousands of transmitters needed in every city for the short wavelength to work.

the World Health Organization classified radiofrequency radiation as a carcinogen.